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Regional Hyundai New Vehicle buying Tips

#1 Buy vs. Lease know the difference. There are advantages to buying or leasing a vehicle and understanding these will help with finding the right type of financing for your driving habits and how often you trade in your vehicle.

So why lease? The nicest advantage is having the freedom to choose a new vehicle every couple of years, there is no long term commitment and you keep the nice new vehicle look and appeal each couple of years, with the help from manufacture on maintenance costs you really just drive in and get the oil and filter changed and get tires rotated and many times there is no cost associated with this as manufactures usually pick up the cost on this in the first couple of years. Also your payments are going to be less than if you out right purchased the vehicle by an average of $100.00 per month. Remember that you are limited to the amount of miles that can be placed on the vehicle.

Why Buy A Vehicle Vs Lease
When you buy a vehicle you have the comfort of knowing you own it and once it is paid for you will be driving virtually a free vehicle for many years to come. Vehicles are now produced to last an easy twenty years or more with proper maintenance so you may decide to finance a vehicle for five or six years and also plan to not make any payments for fifteen years and beyond. Also when you outright purchase a vehicle you have no limit on miles that can be placed on the vehicle.

#2 Trade- in Value: There are many ways to check your vehicles value using an abundance of online trade tools such as KBB, Black Book and may others, Regional Hyundai provides a fast and efficient third party trade tool found throughout the website this tool is fast and accurate however be sure that you are giving accurate description on miles and condition, many times you will find that the appraiser will allow for much more than what the vehicle trade in value showed. 

#3 The benefits of buy a Pre-owned Hyundai Certified vehicle, this is a vehicle that might have been previously leased and has been certified by the Hyundai process of being like new, in addition there are many perks you will receive when purchasing a certified Hyundai from Regional Hyundai like service loaner cars, and roadside assistance.


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